• Aerial Photography now included in all of our photoshoots (weather permitting)!

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  • Crisp, clean and straight images excite and grab your attention generating more interest in your listing. Quality photos give your listing a surge in clicks and inquiries, thus leading to more competition,

    quicker closings and higher prices! Let our images help you close your listings in a timely fashion for a better return.

  • The photographer of course plays the biggest part in the making of a nice photograph, but to achieve certain pictures you need gear. While there are a variety of camera bodies and lenses that can do the trick, it really helps to work with the Canon Professional Series, their Luxury line of lenses and a few off-camera flashes.

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  • Custom designed marketing tools help to distance your listings from the pack. Marketing materials on site can leave a lasting impression from your showing. On location marketing materials featuring our high quality images help to draw attention to your listing during multiple showing trips. Give the prospective buyer more than a memory.

Welcome to Clermont Pix

If you are looking for professional Real Estate Photography and Aerial Photography in the Greater Orlando area you have come to the right place. We are based in Clermont, FL, but will gladly drive to Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Groveland, Minneola, and other areas around here.
As a team of only two people we offer the consistency of getting the same photographer and editor for every job. You can expect to always get the same level of quality. Straight lines, tastefully lit and beautiful postwork for your images are standard.

Your listing will stand out in the crowd with consistently high quality shots every time! If you are not happy with the images you can even get your money back, that's how much we believe in our product. As a small two person business we are flexible and can work with you to give you the product and services you need to sell your listings faster and with higher closing prices.

Did you know that buyers start their new home searches online 90% of the time. Homes with professional photographs get an average of 134% more traffic than comparable homes in the same zip area. So how do you take advantage of this? People doing home searches online stated that images were among the most useful features of listings online 98% of the time. How can we catch these people's attention and turn an online search into viewings? Quality images should be right on top of your priority list for your listing.

Read more about the different research in this article in The Wall Street Journal.

Did you know that buyers start their new home searches online 90% of the time.

Why Choose Us?

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Drone pictures included

Aerial photography takes your real-estate listings to new heights! Included in all of
our packages (weather permitting).

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At Your Convenience

We know you have a busy schedule, and sometimes shoots have to happen on weekends, so we are avilable 7 days a week

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Sky Replacements

The weather here in Florida is very unpredictable. In the event of gray skies, we replace them with blue skies free of charge.

What Agents are Saying About Us

Colleen Taylor

Real Estate Agent @ Watson, Clermont FL
“ClermontPix delivers the best photography we have ever used to capture our real estate listings! The time, attention and expertise Greg and Stephanie provide has made all the difference in the world in our marketing of properties. From the extra lighting & equipment Greg brings to the photo shoot, to the drone aerial shots, digital blending and editing, the results are incredible. I can honestly say that the photography has brought us buyers from out of state who have made offers, sight unseen, based in large part to the photos!
Hiring ClermontPix has been the best investment to sell homes quickly and for the highest price!
Thank you Greg and Stephanie!”

Colleen and Mike “Turk” Taylor, Realtors®

Elaine Giddens

Real Estate Agent @ Keller Williams, Clermont FL
"Thanks for making me look good, as well as the home!
This home was priced in a range that I wanted it to be the best looking one. The owners were so impressed they could not stop talking about what a good job you did. Thanks for making me look good. Those pictures sold that house.
​I highly recommend Clermont Pix for someone looking for quality and professionalism."

Elaine Giddens

Our Clients

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Can I afford it?

Can you afford not to? Except for home-staging, no other marketing investment is as important as the professional photography. Our prices are very competitive... Read more

The process

Please, let me show you the quality of uor work and how serious we are about eliminating barrel-distortion, straightening out lines and correcting colors...
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Why is it so important?

Statistics show the importance of having a strong first impression online, as over 90% use the Internet to find the right home. Homes with professional photos sell faster and for more money... Read more

Camera equipment

It is impossible to achieve great architectural photos with a point-and-shoot camera. We use real professional DSLR-cameras, off camera flashes, tripods, wide-angle lenses... Read more