Your property’s first interaction with potential buyers needs to grab their attention and make them want to see your property. Most people in today’s market begin their search for their next home online. Your house must stand out from the crowd in order to bring more traffic to the listing. More Traffic equals faster sales for higher prices.

We use DSLR professional cameras with wide angle lenses that capture and enhance your home’s unique qualities that will help you sell your home faster and with a higher sale price. All houses from luxury homes down to short sale and foreclosure homes sell faster and for more money when the have more traffic going through them. Agents know the best way to sell a house is to get the most showings possible.

Studies show that properties with professional photos generate 139% more clicks online. With 90% of home buyers starting their new home search online it is important to make the best impression possible. Surveyed home buyers responded at an incredible rate of 80% that photographs do influence their opinion of properties. To top it off two thirds of home buyers say that great photo encourage them to visit the homes. These are numbers that make you take notice.

With such a high percentage of today’s home buyers beginning online with their searches, presenting your property in the most desirable manor, be it a luxury condo or foreclosure fixer upper, is essential to make the best first impression on your prospective buyers.