Distortion and color

We always make sure to avoid barrel distortion and that our pictures are straight and have the right color temperature. Let me show what each of these things could look like:

This is what we call barrel distortion. It is not very attractive and it often happens with the miss-use of a fish-eye lens. We make sure to use wide-angle lenses instead of fish-eye and rarely zoom all the way out, since that would give the potential home-buyer the impression of a 40 foot kitchen, when in reality it is only 10 feet.

The next important thing is to get the lines straight. We don’t want to feel like the house is falling over:
This is quite common and happens when the picture is taken slightly from above or below. Our goal is to get the picture straight right in the camera, but this is something that can be adjusted in post-editing.

The colors are also very off in these pictures above, and that is something else that we find very important and that we adjust in post-editing if necessary.
This would be our final image; straight lines, no barrel distortion and color-corrected:

Final image