Preserving views

We use the best gear and the latest software to bring you the very best pictures.
Since you are reading this, you are probably aware of the importance of quality pictures, and you have probably also realized how difficult it can be.
How do you showcase the nice room as well as the beautiful view outside? You need gear or good knowledge of photo-editing software, and sometimes both.

Let me show you an example of a condo we shot in Cocoa Beach. The circumstances were as difficult as they can get – midday, bright sun, giant windows and a spectacular view of the beach that we wanted to show in the pictures.
This is an impossible shot with any camera alone. There is just too much light pouring in through those windows. You would likely get something like these first two picture:

Over-exposed. You can see the room but the beautiful view of the beach is totally blown out.

Now we can see the beach, hurray! But the room is totally dark.

The human eye is amazing and can compensate for light and darkness in a way that a camera cannot. These two pictures above do not nearly represent what we saw when we were there.

With the help of three off-camera flashes and photo-editing we managed to get a photo that truly shows what we saw when we were there – a beautifully furnished condo with a beach-view:

Final image

To control light is just one of many things that is important when it comes to real estate photography.

I just can’t stress enough how important good quality pictures are. We just went through a house purchase ourselves, and like many others we started our search on Trulia. I would only look at listings with pictures, and if the pictures were terrible I would shut it down and move on. The hand-full of houses that we at any point would consider were always the houses with nice pictures. That is how the human mind works.

Even for a vacant house, it makes a big difference. Here in Florida we are still recovering from the recession, and chances are that your vacant shortsale/foreclosure home will just be one of many on the market. With quality you can really make it stand out.